About Us

Me and our van

Green Policies

Although window cleaning doesn’t impact heavily on the environment, we still feel it is important to do whatever we can to protect our planet.

Carbon Management

Our carbon output is offset by a government regulated scheme, so we are a carbon neutral business. The scheme providers accurately calculate our carbon footprint. The offset then compensates for this by funding projects which reduce the equivalent emissions elsewhere, for example by replacing a coal-fire electricity plant with wind turbines. To find out more click here.

LPG van

We have our trusty and reliable window cleaning van which runs mostly on LPG. LPG releases 20% less CO2 and 82% less nitrogen oxide emissions than a petrol engine, thus reducing our contribution to the Greenhouse Effect. Click here for details.

'Quote me' Picture Quoting

To reduce our mileage we are introducing picture quoting. Just send us photos of your property in the Cheltenham area which show all the windows you’d like us to clean and we can often give you a quote this way. Click here for a quote.

Our ‘Office’.

We run our business from home which is on a green energy tariff to further reduce our environmental impact.

We print all our stationary ourselves on recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed sources, and we use recyclable ink cartridges. We only print what we need.