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WordPress for Window Cleaners

Posted on:  September 19th, 2014 by  Mark.

I’ve been a window cleaner for 18 years and I’ve been working in Cheltenham for about 6 years. I built my round from scratch by knocking on doors and distributing what feels like thousands of flyers. I still have to draw in new work – a lot seem to have moved away recently, I hope it’s not me! So every year I was faced with having to gather up a fistful of leaflets and go knock on doors to drum up new business. I’ve never had anyone be angry or unpleasant whilst canvassing – most were pretty supportive. In my experience people appreciate someone ‘getting on their bike’ to get work. However, canvassing always seemed like a necessary evil. That was until I had this thing, a shiny new website!

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Hello world then.

Posted on:  September 15th, 2014 by  Mark.

It’s a but of a cliché, the title I mean, but there’s no need to break with first blog post tradition. It’s late, so I’ll write something more captivating tomorrow. Goodnight world.