Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Water Fed Pole System & how does it work?

You may have noticed increasing numbers of window cleaners using a brush on a telescopic pole to clean windows. These are known either as a Reach and Wash, Pure Water, or a Water Fed Pole System (WFP).

Water is passed through a series of filters to remove all impurities, leaving it completely pure with no bits in. The pure water is then pumped up a telescopic pole to a soft brush. The brush agitates the dirt and the purified water rinses it away. Any water left on the window dries completely clear to leave a smear free finish.

What are the advantages of the Pure Water System

  • Using pure water requires no detergent, which is better for the environment and leaves windows cleaner as there is no detergent residue for dirt to cling to.
  • Frames and sills are cleaned at the same time as your glass and won’t be damaged by having a ladder leaning on them.
  • The Water Fed Pole system means no more ladder holes in your lawn.
  • It's better for your privacy as we don’t climb to your upstairs windows.
  • Windows inaccessible to ladders, including windows above conservatories, can be cleaned.
  • There are also increasing health and safety concerns over using ladders. Although they aren’t banned, most window cleaners are turning away from them as several are killed and many more seriously injured each year. Using the pure water system removes the risk of a window cleaner having an accident on your property. It is important to note that many traditional window cleaners are uninsured, which could mean a legal headache for you if one is injured on your premises.

Can the water damage or stain my property?

No, it’s pure water so it’s less harmful to your property than rainwater.

Are you a franchise?

No, The Green Window Cleaner is mainly me. My wife Kate helps with admin, canvassing and can occasionally be tempted out to clean windows with me. I also work with other window cleaners on larger jobs and to cover when I'm away.

What does your insurance cover?

It covers any damage to property or injuries to any persons that may occur in the course of our work, up to £1 000 000.

How do you access my property if I’m not at home?

There are a number of options. For example, we can call or text ahead and arrange for you to leave a garden gate unlocked, or use ladders for access. Any arrangements will be worked out with you in advance.

Do you use any chemicals?

We don’t use any chemicals for cleaning external windows. We use a small amount of specialist biodegradable window cleaning detergent for inside windows and conservatory roofs.