WordPress for Window Cleaners

I’ve been a window cleaner for 18 years and I’ve been working in Cheltenham for about 6 years. I built my round from scratch by knocking on doors and distributing what feels like thousands of flyers. I still have to draw in new work – a lot seem to have moved away recently, I hope it’s not me! So every year I was faced with having to gather up a fistful of leaflets and go knock on doors to drum up new business. I’ve never had anyone be angry or unpleasant whilst canvassing – most were pretty supportive. In my experience people appreciate someone ‘getting on their bike’ to get work. However, canvassing always seemed like a necessary evil. That was until I had this thing, a shiny new website!

Beyond a doubt canvassing is a good way to get started and I’ll write about how to do this in a future post. Approaching customer’s neighbours when you’re working in an area is a great way to consolidate your round, but once it reaches a certain point a website can start doing much of the heavy lifting. I have my web address on my van and a contact form on my site, which generates a lot of business for me. I have my phone number on the van too, but the bulk of my leads come via the web form.

The blogging and content management capabilities of WordPress certainly give it an advantage over static sites. The fact that I can easily write this post before (reluctantly) heading out for a run demonstrates how easy it is to add content to a site built with WordPress. You can even add blog posts from your phone! Blogging is a good way to let customers know what’s happening with your business and is good for your Google ranking too.

I built this site myself, and if you’d like a website I’d be happy to talk to you. Web design is a sideline gig for me at the moment, but I will someday soon hang up the brush and leave the hard work to younger, more energetic souls. Well designed and built websites certainly pay for themselves and then some. There are also some good self-build options, like Squarespace. We’re at the point now where any business needs to think seriously about having a website. I haven’t looked back since I built this one.

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